As Yenigun Backgammon, we produce all our products in design which they never produced before.

For making this reality, after a long designing period we proceed to creating a prototype. Even for just one product, whole working period takes at least 3-4 months.


As Yenigun Backgammon, we inspect and take care of our quality just like an End-User checking it, to maintain our products delivers safely to our End-User customers, we strictly follow up our proceedings from production, quality control, packaging, wholesaler until to retail market and we supply our back-up if needed.

In any point, In any fault detected sourcing from production, we call back our products and conpensate loses even our client does not require to do so.


Yenigun Backgammon, we don not produce any product which the quality-price performance is low.

We assess the prices of all our products we produce in terms of quality-price ratio and we want End-User customers to use this as a preference.

What People Say About Us?

  • We met Yenigun Backgammon, when we want to give a backgammon to our customers as a gift, with a logo on it that reminds us. We made really a tough desicion when choosing the product, because of the many options and alternatives presented us. In the end, they design the best product that fits our need and they delivered them just on time, Thank You.

    John Doe, Businessman
  • I live in Germany. I was only noticed when I got back to Germany, that one piece of the checkers of Trendy Backgammon Set which I bought when I was in Antalya for holiday. I called Yenigun Backgammon since I could not find the same checkers in Germany. They sent one set of checkers paying the courier cost almost 30 times higher than the price of the checkers set. I have never been expecting this, I do applause.

    Anna White, Housewife


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