The Details about the Sling Puck Game Set by Yenigun Backgammon, the Manufacturer of Wooden Backgammon Sets and Leather Backgammon Sets

Sling Puck game known as Finger Hockey, Goal Backgammon, Fast Fingers, Fast Slingshot Game is 63.5x33.5cm. side surfaces are made of 12mm MDF and beech patterned profile. High gloss glossy varnish is applied to the play base made of 4mm MDF. Thus, it provides both the protection of the ground pattern and the easy slide of the pucks. There are 10 pucks in red and white colors. The product is sent with its accessories and kraft carrier.

How to Play the Game?

Each player put 5 pucks on his side. As per the social media buzz, clap hands with your opponent three times before starting the game.Use the elastic to fire the pucks to the other side of the board.You must use one hand to move and fire the pucks. Aim at the board hole, and don’t fire to hard or the puck might bounce back to your side. As soon as the game starts, there is no pause allowed. The first player with no pucks on his side wins.