The Details about the Wood Uskudar Fountain Artwork Backgammon Set by Yenigun Backgammon, the Manufacturer of Wooden Backgammon Sets and Leather Backgammon Sets

Bartlett, William Henry, (1809-1854), gravure Uskudar Fountain, Wooden Backgammon Set Uskudar Fauntain by Yenigun Backgammon In production of our Wooden Backgammon Set Uskudar Fauntain, We use 16mm and 4mm first quality MDF. The design transferred to the board then the backgammon boards are applied by 3 layer of varnish in order to protect the backgammon surface, then again applied 3 layers of glossy polyurethane varnish to finish the backgammon surface. The outer and inner sides of the Wooden Backgammon Set Uskudar Fauntain are painted by varnish and painted in suitable colors and again 3 layers of glossy polyurethane varnish to finish the surface. For the open-close mechanism of the backgammon board, we use high graded magnets or high quality metal clips changing for different products. After all painting and finishing process are done, first quality leather strips are applied to outer sides of the backgammon. Each Wooden Backgammon Set Uskudar Fauntain is being packed with OPP nylon and put into its own carton boxes .Accessories; 15 dark, 15 light color checkers, 2 pcs 10mm dices (in box or pounch), All the production proceedures are made in our factory. Available in three different sizes
Product Measures XXL size: 50.0cm x 25.0cm x 8.0cm = 19.7" x 9.85" x 3.15"
Product Measures XL size: 46.0cm x 23.0cm x 8.0cm = 18.1" x 9.00" x 3.15"
Product Measures L size: 42.0cm x 21.0cm x 7.5cm = 16.54'' x 8.27'' x 2.95''