Classic Backgammon Black Pearl

Classic Backgammon Black Pearl

Codes A004009
Materials MDF, UV Glossy Finish, Metal Hinges, Nd Magnets, Plastic Chips, Dices
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XXL 48cm x 24cm x 6.2cm
L 38cm x 20cm x 6.2cm
S 25cm x 12cm x 5cm

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Classic Backgammon, main frames are made of 12mm and 4mm First Quality MDF Boards to maintain the durability of the rigid shape and form of our products. After profiling into various forms and measure, the MDF parts are proceeded to wrapping phase with PU glue with wood decorated or plain colored alkorcell foils consistent with the product types. The inner & outer playing surfaces are applied with High Glossy (95%) Acrylic UV Cured Varnish, non- yellowing, solvent, smell & vapor free. Instead of metal clips, High-grade Neodymium Magnets are installed. Optional accessories come with plastic, acrylic, polyester chips, larger dices, doubling cubes and dice cups, depending on product models.


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