The Details about the Wooden Trendy Backgammon Set Antique Map by Yenigun Backgammon, the Manufacturer of Wooden Backgammon Sets and Leather Backgammon Sets

In production of our Trendy Wooden Backgammon Board Antique Map, We use 12 mm and 4mm 1st quality MDF. After the MDF body parts are milled in various forms, according to the product groups; It is covered with High Gloss PVC camping, Alkocel Coating or Artificial Leather. Patterns and Patterns are applied on 4mm thick MDF backgammon surfaces. High Gloss (95%) Acrylic Gloss Varnish, which is solvent and odor free, UV cured, non-yellowing and extremely resistant to scratching, is applied to the surfaces. In our Classic Backgammon Sets, Neodymium magnets with high magnetic properties are used instead of clips. Accessories come with plastic, acrylic, polyester stamps, dice, vido cube, and dice roll containers, depending on product models. Each product is boxed after quality-control and offered for sale. It is produced in one size, product dimensions are below.
Product Measures XXL size: 49cm x 30cm x 6.2 = 19.3'' x 11.8'' x 2.44''
Product Measures L size: 40cm x 25cm x 6.2 = 15.74'' x 9.84'' x 2.44''